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In the Autumn of 2018, we have some important meetings and events coming up.
See below for details of:

Campaigning in NW Somerset – who will our candidates be and when will the manifesto be published.

Highbridge and Burnham Marine is the most winnable marginal ward in Sedgemoor – getting out and about in Highbridge is our priority.

Highbridge and Burnham Marine is where we shall win Sedgemoor District Council. 

When we win, we’ll show what a difference a Labour Council can make to Housing, Well-being, Services for all age groups, street cleaning and recycling and so many services that are underfunded and under resourced at the moment.

It’s an authority like Sedgemoor under Labour that should be taking over as the Unitary authority – not Somerset County Council, which is a busted flush, an expensive dinosaur.

We need to be planning our door-to-door campaign – particularly in Highbridge, where people need to know about the Library Campaign, the neighbourhood plan, Post Office closure, the closure of the Highbridge Co-op, the prospects for developing Church Street and Market Street, the Hotel site and a defence of the Railway station, which seems to be as neglected as ever.

What is happening about the YMCA building?

What are people’s thoughts about the Health Centre Surgeries in Burnham and in Highbridge?