You may have met us in Highbridge.

You might have met us campaigning at a street stall near the Highbridge Library. We aren’t quite as white male as it looks here, but it was just a snapshot in time (as the phrase goes).

photo - street stall and banner at Highbridge Library - "Save Highbridge Library"
At Highbridge Library – 180324

You might also have met us at one of the public meetings held to speak out against the cuts in the health service or more recently campaigning about the projected cuts to the Highbridge Library Service.

We have leafletted in North Avenue and the surrounding streets, and we have knocked on doors in Church Street, Grange Avenue, North Avenue, Old Way Place & Meadow Close on the London Estate, Caxton Road.

Recently, we have been helping out at the Shepton Mallet by-election campaign, but we shall be back in May, calling on you and your neighbours and asking how we can help to represent the views of Highbridge Residents.

We had a great turnout at the Town Council meetings in 2018 where we were asking questions on your behalf about the library and looking for ways to keep and improve the library service. We have been well supported in this by the Bridgwater and District Trades Union Council and particularly by members of Unite the Union.