Indeed – “… and Burnham Marine”.

So what are the issues that are particular to Burnham Marine rather than the Highbridge part of the ward?

Shopping in Burnham?  Keeping the range of shops in Burnham High Street that will continue to draw sufficient numbers of people to the town on a reguular and frequent basis?  Policing speed on Marine Drive, the Esplanade, the B&M car park and elsewhere?  Maintaining the pathways and the open recreational environment for everyone in Apex Park?  Ensuring we have reliable and regular transport links to Bridgwater, Taunton, Weston and Bristol?  Making sure we still have a visible and sufficiently staffed police service for the area even though the Police Station has now been closed?  Holding on to our remaining banks now that Barclays and Nat West have both gone.  Making sure that we don’t lose the one remaining ambulance in Burnham?  Ensuring that staff from the numerous residential and nursing care homes are able to get to work easily and safely every day of the week?  Continuing to attract enough holiday visitors to the area in high and low season?