There are 70 Labour Party members in the Highbridge and Burnham Marine Ward.

So who will speak up for Highbridge and Burnham Marine? Your contacts are John Fones, Joji Mathew and Sue Park.

Map - Highbridge & Burnham Marine ward
Map (small) of Highbridge and Burnham Marine ward.
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Every other month, we hold our branch meetings at the Burnham and Highbridge Community Centre on the Berrow Road.

We have also met in the Highbridge Club – as has the CLP all-Member meeting on at least two occasions this year.

Next meeting at the Community Centre in Berrow Road – after the Local and European elections.

The Constituency Labour Party AGM will be held at the Highbridge Club on Saturday June 15th.

Highbridge is growing in population again and we need to make sure that the people of Highbridge and Burnham Marine have the services they need if they and their families are to prosper and flourish.

Hundreds of commuters travel via Highbridge Station every day.  Not all trains stop at Highbridge, though.  We could be well connected. Buses run through the town all day long.

But we want Highbridge residents to have everything they need here in Highbridge as well. This means better schools, better shopping, a good local library, GP services and care services. How can we make sure Highbridge remains a vibrant community and residents don’t have to go to Burnham or to Bridgwater whenever they need something other than fish and chips or a haircut.

We were let down by the County Council, the District Council and the Town Council over the library closure.  They stood by as we lost our Post Office and our Co-op store.  How about the District Council looking at preferential rates for shop owners in Highbridge – bring back some pride to shopping in Highbridge.

There is actually much more than this in Highbridge, but do we celebrate this or do we accept what the pessimists tell us?

And what about the Burnham Marine part of the ward? (Click for some ideas)

We have just been taken to task (today – Monday 29th April 2019) – perhaps rightly so – by a correspondent who said, “There is no mention whatsoever of Burnham in your statements.  We are part of this ward too and have our own issues.  You do not promote any confidence in the Labour Party if you exclude half of the ward in your canvassing.

Thank you for this comment.  (We do not, of course mention names of correspondents on this site since we have not asked your permisson to do so.)

We have replied as follows:

“Thanks very much for your email.
We apologise for appearing to leave out Burnham in our comments about the Highbridge and Burnham Marine Ward.
I [John Fones] do actually live just over the border in the Burnham Central Ward and there are certainly issues that are more specific to Burnham residents rather than Highbridge.
We are very keen, for example, that the councils cooperate in doing a much better job of clearing footpaths.  The main paths in H & BM are at the rear of the King Alfred School and of course the various paths leading through and from Apex Park including the river paths.  I think some of these areas are in a better state that some of the paths in the neighbouring ward, many of which have become very overgrown and are often dangerous, especially when footpaths and cycle paths are combined.
We appreciate that residents in the Burnham Marine part of H&BM are more likely to use the services and shops in Burnham, rather than Highbridge – and the High Street in Burnham is also in need of support, but I’m sure you would agree that shopping in Highbridge is a real challenge and the loss of the Coop, the Library and the Post Office present greater challenges to Highbridge residents.
We believe that Burnham Residents feel keenly the loss of the Police Station in Broadhurst Gardens, but the sense of this is not lost on Highbridge residents as well.
Amongst all of these issues is the sense that in parts of the ward it is perhaps difficult to say “this is Burnham” and “this is Highbridge” although there will be residents who feel very strongly that there is a real difference in character between the two parts.
And then there are those residents in Alstone Road and Alstone Lane who will be voting in the District elections in the Highbridge and Burnham Marine Ward, but who are technically part of the Bridgwater and West Somerset Parliamentary Constituency.
No wonder we sometimes feel we are experiencing multiple personalities.
We are very grateful to anyone who chooses to comment on our omissions in this way and are keen to listen and engage with any and all residents who want to discuss these and other issues with us.”
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