Why should you VOTE LABOUR in NW Somerset …

and why should you JOIN LABOUR in NW Somerset?

The Labour Party is the only party that can change the UK for the better.

If you believe in it, then why would you not want to join and support the Party?

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Are you worried about Education?

The Labour Party manifesto included the democratic accountability of schools, class size, free school meals, the teacher recruitment crisis and we want to ensure that our schools are the best for every young person – wherever they attend school and with real local accountability.

Labour will also address the historic neglect of the Further Education sector

Labour will abolish University Tuition fees.

(… and we can’t yet do anything about historic student debt – don’t believe the Tory lies about our policies!)

Are you worried about Housing?

Labour will establish a new Department for Housing. Labour will build more homes and build better homes.

Labour will consult on ‘new modern standards for building zero carbon homes’. Labour will ensure that ‘local plans address the need for older people’s housing, ensuring that choice and downsizing options are readily available’.

Labour will set out a new national plan to end rough sleeping and take action to tackle the causes of homelessness.

Worried about Health and Social Care?

After WWII, the country was bankrupt and yet Labour found the resources to invest in a National Health Service – because it was a priority.

Well, it’s a priority again – and Labour will guarantee and uphold the standards of service to which patients are entitled under the NHS Constitution.

To guarantee the best possible services for patients, Labour will invest in our health and care workforce.


If you are interesting in joining us for a meeting, then contact:

Amit Shah, Branch Secretary & Membership Secretary – secretary@nwsomersetlabour.org.uk or

John Fones, Chair – Wells Constituency: wellsclpchair@gmail.com

Further details at: http://nwsomersetlabour.org.uk/our-members

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Banner – NW Somerset Branch Labour Party