We are now at the beginning of August 2018 and the next elections will be 2019 unless there are any unforeseen by-elections.

So what next – across the constituency:

2019 is the year of local elections at District Council and Parish/Town Council level.

2021 is the year of Somerset County Council elections.


As for the next General Election – could be 2022, but who knows? The Conservatives are looking pretty shakey at the moment and we know that there is not much difference between them and the Lib-Dems.

The Labour vote doubled in the General Election in 2017 – even though so many voters – young people especially – were persuaded that voting Lib Dem would unseat the Conservatives.  Tactical voting is never a good long-term bet.  It just hides the real support that exists for the Labour Party.

If you want to vote Lib Dem – then go and join them, but don’t expect to get anything very different from the Conservatives.   We know that from their history, don’t we? Think about it.

Vote Labour for Labour policies – For the Many, NOT for the Few.

Get behind the Labour Party and let’s see our vote share continue to grow by leaps and bounds.  Our “poor old MP” is just there to bolster the Conservative majority.  He says has tried to speak up for the Constituency with the County Councillors – but they don’t seem to listen.  He says one thing in the Constituency and votes a different way on national decisions – see his record on fracking for example.